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"I believe that Davina possesses an innate and genuine ability, or gift to inspire and cultivate the courage to change in others. I feel able to discuss absolutely anything with her and value her perspective. "    Jill H

"Davina's sound, practical guidance, often delivered with a helpful slice of humour, make her a good go-to person in a crisis".   Mel A. Chicago

Alcohol had wrecked my life, my family were furious with me, they didn't trust me, I wasn't even allowed to how my new grandson. It's been five years since I become a sober, reliable person who could be trusted. Now my grandsons come and stay whenever they can. This work with courage has changed my life dramatically and I am ever so grateful to Davina. 

Terry S.

Being "coached for courage" is a really interesting experience. I made discoveries that I would not have done, I think, if I was just working on myself. Davina helped me see that the only person in the world I could change was myself, my attitudes to others and to situations. She helped me through this process, acting inspirationally as a guide with gentle wisdom and empathy. At the beginning it was important for me to keep an open mind and trust that this might work, though I didn't think I could, if I wanted it to and understand that it was not an overnight cure, but something that I would need to persevere with. I needed to get honest with myself and be willing to take a step into the unknown with someone I trusted holding my hand and showing me a way forward.  

Ann W. S.