Whose courage inspires you?

Courage is catching… If you see someone act with courage, it reminds you of your own well of strength and you find the power to act courageously yourself.

There are lots of examples of disaster situations when one brave soul has been moved to put their own life at risk to save others from a train wreck or earthquake, and others have respond to the single act of courage, by joining in the rescue effort, without a thought for their own safety.
So, consider where you could catch some courage from:
  • Is there a historical character, a hero of yours whose valorous act has inspired you? Nelson Mandela or Emmeline Pankhurst – think whose courage has impressed you and plan to borrow some of that.
  • Is there a fictional character, someone in a book or movie, who you can pretend to be while working up the courage to undertake the action you want to accomplish in your own real life?
  • Ask a friend or work colleague to share an incident from their own life, a time when they did something courageous – however small an act. Think about what qualities they displayed and how you might follow their example.
Research and look around for someone who has exactly the same fear as your are facing, someone who knows your issue and has overcome it. Perhaps it is through a self-help group or an online forum. Get some ideas to inspire you – if they can do it so can you.