Lines of Courage

You may be too young to have been given “lines” to do as a punishment at school, but you’ve probably heard about them. If a pupil misbehaved, he or she had to stay behind after school and write out 100 or more times the same “line” in order to drum into their head, the exact nature of their mis-doing. An example would be something like: “ I must not be cheeky to the teacher” or “I must not be late for assembly”.

To counteract old discouraging voices that we hear in our heads, we can use this method to put in some new messages into our minds. Make up a sentence that describes, not what you don’t want, but what you do want. Something like: “I can stand up for myself, my point of view is valid and deserves to be heard.” Or “Cats are beautiful and peace-loving creatures, I enjoy the company cats.”
Having made up your positive phrase, write it out over and over again, like doing “lines”, and your mind will begin to take it on board.
Instead of “I must not be late…”
Try writing and re-writing:
“I enjoy the power and peace of mind I get by being punctual for all the events in my life.”