Hand it over

There is so much you can do to face your own fear and follow your dream. There is so much you can do – and only so much. At some point you may arrive a place which is the boundary of you own power and energy, and that’s the point at which you just have to hand it all over to the Greater Force, the power of the Universe, the Loving Source of All Courage, your own understanding of God.

I’ve heard it described this way: “Courage is fear that’s said its prayers.” When we are convinced that we have done all we can, then it is time to let go of our efforts and longings and hopes – just pass it in trust and faith to the Power that is greater and more knowing than ourselves.
When we have used all the inner strengths and qualities we have, there is one left to bring into play and that is faith. We have to believe that everything will turn out precisely as it is supposed to. Not only will all be well, but all is well – right now.
When we accept the outcome of our efforts we can are aligned with a wider purpose, we realise that our small corner is part of the far Bigger Picture. And everything will work out to our benefit. Good will come to us, but it may arrive wrapped in a package we don’t recognise.
“God has editing rights over our prayers. He will... edit them, correct them, bring them in line with His will and then hand them back to us to be resubmitted.”
 Stephen Crotts
Keep looking, be aware of all deliveries from the Universe, continue to accept all happenings and events with an open mind.

When we hand everything over with a true heart and an open mind, the Universe has a way of disguising up our dearest desires in an entirely different package and handing it right back to us. Be alert.