Do one scarey thing everyday

Courage is as much of a habit as feeling fear. So get into the habit of being courageous, rather than being afraid. Think of courage as a spiritual muscle that will get stronger with regular use. Work out every day. In the morning, make a decision what scarey thing you’re going to do today. It needn’t be a giant thing. (it can be something small that takes you outside your own “comfort zone” – saying hello to some fearsome person at work, if you’re shy; climbing upstairs on the bus, if you’re not keen on heights; getting in first to a meeting, making a phone call to ask when your order will be delivered. Identify what thing you don’t really want to do that you are going to do today. And at the end of the day, acknowledge that you’ve done it. Feel the strength and sense of accomplishment you experience. And plan another one for tomorrow.