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Many ways that the Courage CoachTM can make a difference to your life.

Courage Direct
Individual support from one who listens to where you want to be, helps you to plan the journey, step-by-step, and accompanies you on the path with insights and suggestions so that you can make it to the goal you desire.
Courage by Phone
Most clients prefer to have a direct meeting and face-to-face session (at least for the first session), but after that you can book a specific time convenient to you for an personal, powerful session over the phone to collect the next instalment of courage and empowerment.
Point of Courage
For the one-off occasion that needs some preparation and empowerment (a speech at a wedding, an important interview or presentation at work, a long flight, a move of job or home). Assistance at the point you need it.
Courage to grieve
After the loss of a loved person, close contact (also a long-time home, job, even a habit or activity that has to be left behind), courage to acknowledge the passing, accept the loss, move through the process and create a courageous new life.
Courage to Quit
Supported coaching for anyone who knows there is some dependency in their life and they want to turn their desire to give it up into a workable plan of action with the support to let go the habit and transform their life.
Courage in Crisis
Tools, techniques and personal support when a sudden circumstance rocks your familiar life. Support to face and move forward from unexpected, unplanned-for events.
Carry On with Courage
Regular sessions of support to help the individual through an ongoing situation that requires continued encouragement and sustained support
Talks on Courage
For Groups and organisations who would like to listen together to some outstanding examples of courage, and together take up the empowering quality of courage in practical ways to inspire their common purpose.
Courage for teams
When two or more people (could be a marriage, partnership, executive group or sales team) have a common goal and want support with the method, the techniques and the energy to combine their separate wishes into a single shared achievable goal.