Help with Fear


Being male and being 19, I felt I was supposed to be brave. I should be up for anything. But all I felt was fear. I should have been happy, because I had a good home, my parents are OK and I had got a place at uni, so I could start out life on my own. But the only thing I could think about was getting out of it, taking dope or drink – just to stop feeling the panic and fear. Spliffing all day long was making me paranoid and even more afraid. I got so that I didn’t even want to take my place in college. But after I’d had some time talking through what I felt inside, and what I was afraid of, I found a way to look at things differently. Davina taught me some easy way to get into my own space without drugs, relaxing and meditating – I do that on my own now – it calms me down. It seems weird to call it courage but I now have the bottle to face stuff that I didn’t before.

J.G (19)