Help with Addiction

I had a drink problem for many years.   I tried everything such as hypnosis, tablets, psychologists, group therapies, but found I always went back to the drink. I had lost my self-esteem, lacked self-confidence, was fearful, did not know who I was, was a very angry person, could not function and really needed some other kind of help.   

I began to sink lower and lower. I thought alcohol was the answer to my problems, but it had become my main problem. I was locked in a cycle of obsessing about drink, drinking in "secret" (actually everyone knew), loosing things, falling and injuring myself, blacking out, missing work, neglecting my family, when sober feeling so ashamed by how I was living that there was only one thing to do - drink some more. I was trapped in the cycle and I couldn't think how to get out.

When I met Davina, she helped me through by talking to me about all these feelings and how to sort my every day activities I had to listen to her suggestions and I tried my best to learn from her. She gave me practical, realistic things to do, and I felt she was always supporting me. This changed my life dramatically.  I was welcomed back to work, my boss even recommended me to a colleague when he retired. I have taken on my ful responsibilities as part of my family. I organised our house move, sellign, buying somewhere new, packing up, everything. That's a real result from someone who could only just make it down to the off licence.

It did take courage to face what I had become, but I was shown that I had other qualities too, and together with Davina's support I learned that it was possible to stop my dependency on drink, to see life differently and to get well. 


Terry H. S.